Scientific article: it can be written either about the main topic of the issue or about a subject of your choice: from 3500 to 6000 words. More information here.

•  Miscellaneous:

Review about a research book or an essay: up to 2000 words.

Experience, methodology, research data presentation: any material about a research that should be published: up to 2000 words.

Letter to the editor / opinions: any reader can send his/her opinion about the magazine and its environment, current affairs or any quality text: from 400 to 800 words.

Story, tale or poem: we also publish creative writing compositions approved by our specialised team: no more than 2000 words.

Photography / Illustration, comics, sketch, drawings, paintings or pictures related to the philosophy of the network-magazine or about the main topic of the issue at which it will be published.

• Reviewer / Blogger we will need new people as the network widens. As a permanent blogger is necessary to commit to publishing inputs continuously.

• Artistic reviewer for the new artistic material received.

• Photographer / Illustrator to publish his/her own work in the network-magazine.

• Graphic design / web we need people to help us with the layout, to improve the visual appearance of all our tools and its efficiency.

• Translator from English / Portuguese to Spanish now the magazine is small, but we want to add more material in other languages as the network widens.

• Community Manager social networks are the future and the main mean of communication of our project. We always need volunteers.

• Academic / National / International / Cooperation Institutions our network continuously search new partners to collaborate with to offer a better service and reinforce the network.

• All kinds of NGOs one of the main objectives of the network-magazine is the active participation in projects and cooperation to improve society.

• Similar Webs / Magazines / Networks to grow together is the best way to grow strong. We want to create closer ties with other projects sharing the same objectives as ours.


If you are interested in collaborating in any section, please contact us here.

Translated by María José Vecino Puerto