Objectives and purposes

 SpainportuguesWhat is Iberoámerica Social: Social Studies network-magazine?

Iberoamérica Social is a network of different members who want to exchange and offer information, opinions and thoughts about the field of Social Studies in the context of the Latin American universe. Our most powerful tool is the “blogging”, which allows each collaborator to directly show his/her perspective through social networks and other online means of sharing so that each entry could be as reachable as possible. Every single member, from specialised columnists to reviewers and even the Editorial Board will use this knowledge provider and creator tool.

Iberoamérica Social will also publish every six months a Social Studies specialised magazine about the Latin American world. Each issue will be online to have an easier sharing and accessibility. The Iberoamérica Social team will suggest the main topic of the issue, but it will also include other articles and miscellaneous material such as reviews or research experiences.


The specific objective we want to achieve is a multidirectional cooperation and development between the countries of the Latin American region as well as of those foreigners who do not belong to this historical region and want to share knowledge related to it. Through the digital use of our magazine we  promote the decentralization of scientific production and also we encourage the end of the north hegemony in this area. The interrelationship of social science disciplines through multi and transdisciplinary research must serve to the promotion, protection and respect for peripheral cultures that make up the Latin American mosaic.

The magazine also wishes to disseminate academic knowledge through those conventional tools that have traditionally been used as well as through the application of new technologies to for an easier, more efficient and quicker broadcasting.

Other objectives include twinning and creating links and relationshops with other entities, agencies and organizations with the same purpose as us, or similar purposes but different methods, with whom we can work towards a common good in what might be called epistemological socialization.

Our daily tasks will always be based on the thoroughness and seriousness that a scientific publication deserves, yet always encouraging the participation of junior researchers to those we will always provide our support and guidance, and highlighting the fact that our publication is sensitive to a pluralist audience.

In summary our publication could be framed not only within the limits of social studies but also within the social science, that respectful and responsible human science.

A science that is dedicated to creating and maintaining a healthy and tolerant social justice not only in the Latin American region within its geographical boundaries, but also globally.

In our magazine it is expected  to feel  the love for fair, balanced and sustainable Human development, as well as an stubborn defense of those reviled Human Rights as we look forward to achieving the  social minima to which we all are entitled. We think that all of the above must be accomplish by creating an access to Culture for all.

Translated by Natalia Peribáñez Holub 

and María José Vecino Puerto