Call for Papers Iberoamérica social: Revista-red de estudios sociales Year 5 Issue #IX


The border as a geographical, epistemic, political and cultural place

Call for Paper

Communities have always used borders to defend, protect, differentiate and exclude. Walls and gates are built or natural boundaries such as mountains, lakes and rivers are used in order to protect their territories and to watch the entry of foreigners or illegal products.

Borders can be a synonym of militarisation and violence or simply of fear towards the “otherness”. However, many times they become places of cooperation, integration and exchange of knowledge.

In this new issue we would like to approach borders not only as physical or temporal limits but also as geographical, epistemic, political and cultural places where different elements intersect, transit, move and cross; as places where there is coordination, but also tension. This is how the border is built and become once and again an area to inhabit, transform or destroy.

Iberoamérica social: Social Studies online-magazine was founded with the aim to improve the intellectual cooperation and to share academic knowledge among Latin American countries, taking advantage of the technologies offered by digital platforms. It is a biannual scientific and multidisciplinary issue in search of a human, respectful and responsible social science beyond the limits of social studies. Current affairs involving, affecting or interesting the Latin American society, such as democracy, human rights, gender, environment and the sustainable and inclusive development of our peoples will have priority. Thus, there is place for articles written about a freely chosen topic as well as for those included in the main dossier.

Works can be sent until October 30th, 2017 through the Open Journal System platform of Iberoamerica Social. They will be classified as follows:

Academic articles: From six to ten original articles of research, reflection or reviews for the dossier, and a section with up to six articles about a free topic. The maximum length is 10,000 words. The arbitration system of the magazine for this material is of double-blind peer review.

Miscellany: From six to eight articles at the miscellaneous section for bibliography reviews, research experiences, readers opinions, illustrations, pictures and other artistic expressions related to the main topic of the issue. Its publication will be abided by the expert’s opinion in each area.

Spanish, Portuguese and English texts will be considered in this call.

Iberoamérica Social promotes the reflection and the intellectual and inclusive production. Therefore, we encourage young researchers to participate.

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The Editorial Board

Translated by:
María José Vecino Puerto