Brothers and Sisters in the Struggle to Rebuild the World

Peter McLaren
Peter McLaren

SpainI have been working with comrades in America Latina for nearly 30 years. There I have found unwavering friendships and comrades with an unshakable courage and an indomitable spirit  and vision of a new social universe freed from the chains of the capitalist present.  With so many obstacles ahead of us, it is easy to grow weary and lose hope.  We believe, however,  that if we work diligently and avoid diffidence, unknown friends and critical allies will come and join us. Not every culmination of events, such as our struggle against various causes of suffering and oppression, becomes a new beginning and not every arrival at a new place of understanding becomes a point of departure where there exists no reiteration of pain and suffering, where the world suddenly appears a better place. The truth is that it is very likely that the suffering of the world will worsen in the years to come, despite our efforts.  Understanding that our suffering and those of our fellow humans will continue, perhaps unabated, in our own lifetime does not compel us to  advocate renouncing the world for the sake of divine love or a feeling of equanimity in this world or for the sake of entering a state of unqualified reverence for the phantasmagoria of everyday life. We work instead to develop a critical consciousness commensurate to the demands made by the historical present, that is, commensurate to the demands that the current historical conjuncture imposes upon us as political and moral agents.  We do not seek balance; rather, we seek a fierce and loving engagement with the world, a critical engagement, amplified in every aspect of our lives when the spirit of imperishable absoluteness ruptures our everyday, mundane existence and we fight tooth and nail for a better world. The responsibility we have to build a socialist world that meets the needs of the least of us,  which has to this day been annulled by the colossus of capital, calls us, brothers and sisters, to confront history in its totality, to carve out a new field of being.  From praxis emerges that achievement which is presupposed in the announcement, an announcement that a new world is necessary and in-the-making.  From our revolutionary praxis a  critical engagement with the world is unleashed with no guarantee of success. We struggle for justice outwardly and inwardly in the place of intellection and action, that is, in the place of praxis, a praxis of being and becoming that while at times might  seem urgent and perhaps even imperious is designed to transform the world along the arc of social justice. For there is no love without justice. And there is no justice without love. And there is no greater path than this. We speak of love not as something fungible, not something you are given or can acquire or that takes this form or that; love is not a thing but that which brings forth and illuminates the other. We can only know such love through our loving engagement with the other, in other words, though our purposeful, resolute and determinative action with others in this world of unmet needs and shattered dreams. We begin our struggle with a decision, one that serves notice to the guardians of capital, that we will no longer tolerate injustice,  hatred of the other, poverty, torture, and needless human suffering in all of its forms. We struggle to build a transnational united front, to reclaim the purpose of public education, and to rebuild the world. We will not yield.



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Doctor en Educación por la Universidad de Toronto, Canadá.

Docente Distinguido de Estudios Críticos, Universidad Chapman, Estados Unidos.

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