Author Guidelines


Our magazine is mainly a Spanish language publication. Portuguese and English are also accepted for articles of exceptional quality  with no more than one third of the total of them  reserved for these languages ​​by number.

Each volume has two differentiated article sections, the first one devoted to articles that revolve around topics raised by the Editorial Board and another free-subject section where any author interested in our magazine can be published.

Each issue will be integrated by up to six contributions in the free-subject section, between six and ten articles that relate to the topic chosen for the magazine issue in question, and up to eight in the miscellaneous section (book reviews, research experiences readers’ opinions, etc..).Those accepted articles should total no more than 6000 words, letters to the Editor about 600 words and  up to 2000 words for reviews and experiences.

The magazine is opened  to manuscripts of excellent quality able to provide substantial contributions  being a reference in the field of social studies.

The articles will be selected giving priority to those contributions of global relevance, or those essays of a specific nature that have the potential to generate new trends and conversations in the social field.

Articles assessed as priority will be those that transcend and  cross several disciplines, in its  interpretation as well as in its methodology.

All items received will be carefully reviewed and authors are expected to act in full compliance with the ethical standards prevailing in the academic world and formal standards accepted internationally.

All articles received by the magazine will be subject to a process of double-blind peer review, where a couple of researchers and professionals in the area will review the article to doublecheck if it complies with all the requirements discussed above. But the final decision of its future publication will be taken by the editorial board.

For the other sections, the review and selection of manuscripts will be performed by its respective reviewer (as in the Art section) or directly done by the editorial board.

Authors are encouraged to include images and brief video and audio sections in their texts. We promote the use of new forms of communication that provide digital format.

Iberoamérica Social Magazine´s style and references. Download here.

 Translated by Natalia Peribáñez Holub